We didn’t do a ton of shopping for Black Friday, but we did get some cheap DVDs at Target. One of them was Enchanted, which Peter had never seen. I stinking LOVE that movie! We just finished watching it, and it was just as good as I remembered.

I’ve really been into feel-good movies lately, because even the merest mention of death/dying can set my brain down paths I’d rather avoid, so feel-good movies are where it’s at for me. However, this gets tricky because I’m kind of a movie snob and since “good” movies are often deep, and deep things often reference death, it gets really hard to find movies to watch. Luckily, it’s now officially the Christmas season, so I can indulge in my favorites like Elf and Love Actually (does have some rough references, especially to a mom dying, but maybe I’ll just skip through those parts).

I hope everyone recovered well from their Thanksgiving feasts!