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Oh, Emmie, Emmie, Emmie.

Babies are super good at making sure their parents never get too comfy or cocky. If that ever happens, then just change the rules!

Yesterday, Emmie literally inverted her schedule. She used to wake up crying (hungry), eat, play and have awake time, then go to sleep. Putting her down was drama-free.

As of yesterday, Emmie now wakes up smiling, happy and talking to herself (this morning, she had figured out how to wiggle herself to the side of her crib and had her face pressed against the slats), then she is awake & plays, then she FLIPS OUT. Like, I have never seen my calm little baby get SO ANGRY. She cries and screams in frustration/pain/who-knows-what, face getting red, tears rolling down her cheeks. Then I have to rock her, sing to her, swaddle her, shush her, hold her, hold her Soothie in and nurse her. The past few naps, she has FINALLY fallen asleep while nursing, which she has rarely ever done before (usually, nursing would just wake her up more, so I tended not to do it before nap time).

We’ll see if this is a permanent shift, a byproduct of her recent development spurt, a growth spurt, or if a new tooth will be popping out here soon. Or, more likely, none of the above and something I never considered!