On the heels of my last post, wherein I expound upon the virtues of being “not busy,” I had a relatively busy day today (although again, it didn’t really feel like it while it was happening). Therefore, I am now tired, but it’s good.

Here is also something quite related to my last post: An article on the “Relaxed Lives of Elite Achievers.” Not that I think I am an elite achiever, but I still like what it has to say and I agree with it.

Finally, we have a lovely house guest tonight, a friend of my brother’s whom we last saw almost exactly a year ago, when we all climbed a 14er together (and almost made it)… and then we found out 2 days after they left that I was pregnant! So yes, I can claim I climbed a 14,000 ft mountain while pregnant 🙂 Anyway, it’s been fun for her to meet the baby that I didn’t even know I had then!