As anyone who has ever been to our apartment can attest, we have too much stuff for our small space.

Lately, I’ve been in “get rid of crap” mode, and it feels so good to actually get rid of stuff! Tonight, I sold a ton of the cloth diapers Emmie has outgrown or that I just never reach for, all thanks to the magic of Craigslist. The buyer was a super sweet woman who is pregnant with her first, and we literally spent 2 hours talking about the different kinds of cloth diapers, in addition to everything about babies (swaddling is key, Soothies, etc.). Plus, now I have WAY more room because I don’t have 8,000 diapers that I’m not using (Don’t worry, Emmie still has TONS of diapers I do use!).

I also have several very large bags of clothes waiting to go to new homes. Some will be baby hand-me-downs, some are maternity clothes on to the next pregnant friend, and some are clothes that will be heading to Goodwill. I haven’t even gone through the cedar chest full of the non-maternity clothes I put away during my pregnancy! And Emmie May is already outgrowing some of her 3-6 month clothes. Sigh. She’s not even 4 months old yet!

Even after I get rid of bags and bags of clothes, diapers and other things, we will STILL have too much stuff. Ah well… it still feels SO good to get rid of some of the excess!