Very quickly, because I have REAL housekeeping I need to do, or we will all be naked and hungry in the very near future.

I’m slowly bringing over old entries from Caring Bridge so people can read our story from the beginning. All of these will be in the category “Our Story,” so you should just be able to click on that option in the left-most column and those will pull up. Go to the very oldest page to start at the beginning.

I’m still tinkering with the design of this place, so I apologize if things keep changing on you for a little while. Hopefully the changes won’t be too disruptive.

I’m trying to post more regularly here, but there is a small, adorably demanding person whose whims often prevent that from happening as much as I might like. Thank you for your patience.

As a reward for reading, here is a picture of Peter modeling the newest version of the Emmie Doll, sure to be the hottest toy for Christmas. Quantities are *extremely* limited, so act now! (And if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it!)

Peter demonstrating the features of the newst model of the Emmie Doll