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Not a lot of time for my usual rambling post, as our little girl has a wonderful appetite, but I did want to say hello and thank you for all of the wonderful notes.

Peter and I are still in awe of this little person and her perfection (we may be a bit biased, but we are truly amazed at how pretty she is! We were fully prepared for a newborn only a mother and father could love).

I feel so lucky that, somehow, I was able to have the labor and birth I wanted and everything worked out so well. Our *incredible* doula, Maria, was really the reason we all made it through. She was phenomenal and made it possible. It really, truly would not have mattered how Emmie made it to our arms, but the knowledge that I and my body could do everything we did has renewed my belief in my own strength in a deep, primal way that no other experience could have.

I now feel ready for the next challenge my body must face, and now have the most perfect, incredible reason for fighting so hard.