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15 minutes ago Gretchen texted me: “She’s In Transition.”

2 minutes ago her primary nurse reported to me that she is 8 cm dilated… the doctor facilitated a little more water to be released… and Shannon continues to go through each contraction with relative ease as she breathes in rhythm with the doula’s guidance in what sounds to me like a “self-hypnotic” state. Thus her goal of natural childbirth continues to be on course, though of course the critical moments are to be experienced very very soon.

Peter emerged for a much needed and long overdue break…so we walked outside for a breath of fresh air amidst some pretty spectacular lightening flashes in the humidity-filled cloudy sky. We even had a few drops of rain help to re-energize him for the final “push” (yes, pun intended again). Since he doesn’t drink coffee or coca cola, I got him a couple of chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk for what hopefully might be a sugar boost.

This hospital has a very special tradition of playing a short and beautiful children’s tune throughout the hospital whenever a new baby leaves the hospital. I have been privileged to simultaneously watch the baby brought down the hallway toward the exit while hearing this now-familiar tune at least 6 times today…and each time I hear it I am closer to tears imagining how, at one time very soon, this will be “our” baby being welcomed to the hospital and on to the world.

Thanks for all for your support, whether it is taking care of Jasper (their pup) or sending good wishes through this site. One of the next posts will hopefully be the one will are all waiting for!