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Nope, no baby yet, although I do know she is highly anticipated!

I had another OB appointment today, and since my blood pressure was still a little high on the first reading (second was better), the OB had me do some tests. After a brief nervous moment when it looked like my amniotic fluid might be low, everything was fine. Baby is moving a ton, heart rate is good, and the fluid was just low in one corner because her little booty is taking up all the room in that quadrant πŸ™‚ There also isn’t much worry about pre-eclampsia because high blood pressure is the only thing I have (no problems with protein in urine, no swelling, no changes in vision, etc.)

I felt a little guilty because there was another woman getting a NST (where they monitor the heart rate) next to me behind a curtain. I heard her say something about being jealous of our baby’s good heart rate (which has always been awesome, thankfully). Her baby’s heart rate was fine, but definitely much more sluggish than our little mover and shaker, who was seriously showing off for the nurses. If I had been able to see her, I might have tried to say something to make her feel better about having other stuff to deal with, but it wasn’t really possible. I did feel better, in a weird way, when there was some concern about the amniotic fluid level, since then it seemed like there was a reason for me to be getting these tests (of course, I only saw it that way AFTER we knew everything was OK!).

Over the last few days since my internal exam, I have felt more “activity” with contractions and cramping, so I was really hopeful that I would be more dilated today. Well, I was a little bit more dilated (1 cm from .5 cm on Tuesday), but after the exam today, she said I was only 50% effaced (was 100% on Tuesday). I know this is all an estimate, and who knows if it means anything, but it was a little discouraging.

One funny thing was that the OB said she could definitely feel the baby’s head, and when she first started the exam, Baby gave a big kick, as if to say “Hey! There’s someone in here!”

So the good news is that there is definitely more activity happening with cramping and contractions, but bad-ish news is no miraculous progression yet πŸ™‚ We will definitely keep you posted of any exciting updates when they happen!