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(This was supposed to post yesterday, but I got distracted. So sorry!)

Happy Father’s Day to the very best not-yet-father I know. I’ve touched on this before, but Peter has been absolutely beyond amazing through all of this, not only as a husband, but also as a dad-to-be. I don’t even know if I can put into words everything he has done for me (and therefore, for the baby too).

When I asked him a while ago what he wanted for Father’s Day, for the first time in the 10+ years we have been together, he wanted a surprise. Peter HATES surprises. Add to that his history of giving excellent gifts, and his request for something to remember his first Father’s Day and the birth of his daughter, plus the incredible care he has taken of me, and I knew I wanted to so something truly special.

With the help of some amazing friends, I was able to put together something special and memorable. I filled a wonderful DadGear daddy diaper bag (courtesy of my friend & co-worker, Sarah) with books Peter loved as a child, fish-themed toys, and a “Daddy Hugs” board book. I also made him a photobook documenting some of his journey to becoming a father, and then got him (us?) a present we have been talking about for literally 6 years: a digital SLR camera. Definitely not the fanciest, but much nicer than the point and shoot we’ve been using for so long. The timing seemed right, since we will have a very cute little subject here very soon!

Luckily, he loved it all, so First Father’s Day was a success (even if there was no Ultimate Present of a baby).


One of our good friends coincidentally had the same due date as me, and we had the chance to go visit her on Friday after our appointments. She said she was having “some contractions,” but we still were able to visit for a good little while. Well, it turned out that she was in active early labor and their daughter was born just 7 hours after our visit!

This has kick-started the nesting he was doing before into high gear. Today, he cleaned out the pantry, cleaned out our closet, installed a clothesline on the porch, repotted some plants, and I honestly don’t even know what else. Last night, I literally had to stop him from doing more projects at 1 AM because I HAD to go to bed. It’s amazingly sweet and downright incredible to me how excited he is for this little girl to come home for real.

Amazingly, my nesting has kicked in as well (although not nearly to the extent Peter’s has!). I can’t decide if this is some kind of indication of “baby coming soon!!!” or a result of me recovering enough that I actually feel like doing laundry and dishes again. I also made a cloth diaper last night, which was fun and was something on my project list for a LONG time. I love sewing and making new things, but my energy and motivation just haven’t been there lately, so it was really nice to do.

At this rate, we should be ready for this little one to come soon! (And to all those who are stalking Facebook, this site, and/or email/text, DON’T WORRY! We will post as soon as something is worth telling about!).