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Today we have oncology and follow up with ENT. Obviously, oncology is going to be the big one. However, when I signed on to Kaiser’s online system last night to double check the time, it wasn’t listed in my “upcoming appointments.” Great. So now I get to wait until 8 AM to call and make sure I really DO have an appointment for today and that no one cancelled it or something silly. (Something like this has happened before with the online system, where I SWEAR it said 11:10 for an appointment that wasn’t until 1:10, and then it turned out the online info was wrong. Hopefully that’s what’s happening here too.)

Thankfully, I don’t feel too nervous about the oncology appointment. Maybe because I haven’t really been thinking about it much (since I wasn’t even sure if I’d make it with baby due so soon), or maybe because many of my fears were allayed during my dermatology appointment.

We’ve also done just enough research to go into the appointment with at least a vague idea of some of the possibilities. For me, at least, this is important because I hate being blindsided with new information, especially info that’s not great (e.g., having to undergo a drug therapy for a year). It’s hard enough hearing something you expect confirmed, but I don’t know how I would react if I had no preparation at all. So hopefully we have prepared ourselves for the worst, and maybe we’ll even hear good news! We really don’t know.


UPDATE: Phew! I called and I DO have an appointment. It’s just not showing online (which it was showing up last week, so maybe they cleverly hide your next appointment? That would be very smart).

I’ll try to post later today/this evening with what we learned at oncology, since this will probably determine what the next year of our lives looks like, to an extent. Interferon or no? A year of the flu or “just” a year with a newborn? We shall see!