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We had the dermatology appointment this morning, so as we wait for the plastic surgeon to be done with surgery to check my graft, I thought I would update.

I was most worried about this appointment (dermatology), but it went as well as it possibly could have. The dermatologist (who I think is the head of the department) wasn’t concerned at all about some of the new, weird things I had noticed (yay pregnancy!), so that was VERY relieving.

There is one mole he recommended removing, but this was something that had been discussed after the first surgery, as it was “moderately” atypical and very close to the original excision. I am more than fine with having it removed! So now we wait for the plastic surgeon and will talk to him about the removal of that mole, as it’s right on the border of my graft. It’s not urgent, though, and can wait until the baby is born.

Thats the update for now! (sorry about any typos there might be. I’m doing this on my iPhone, which is challenging, since I can’t see half of what I’m writing!)