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Funny that getting a doctor’s appointment would be something that would make me happy, but it does! I emailed my OB this AM because at my last appointment, I had some questions about some growths that I am 99.9% sure are skin tags related to pregnancy, but since his answer was basically “You’re probably fine, but you aren’t the typical patient,” I wasn’t exactly reassured. So I asked my OB (who again, I super-puffy heart with sparkles) for a referral to a dermatologist, or at least what channel to go through to get said referral. I quickly got an email back from a nurse saying he was out of the office until tomorrow, but I should hear from him then.

Cut to this afternoon (same day I emailed him), when I got a phone call from dermatology scheduling an appointment for THIS FRIDAY! Woohoo!!!! This is exciting because there are normal skin changes (including mole changes) that happen during pregnancy, and then there are the scary things that we need to get rid of. I’m sure pregnancy is a time of anxiety for many women anyway, but since my “all-clear” news from the biopsy, I’ve had a lingering fear about many of my other moles, bumps and growths. What if the one we got wasn’t the first? What if others were missed?

So hopefully we will get some reassurance on something this Friday, and possibly more biopsies, which hopefully will come back clean and will put our minds at ease. Not-knowing is ALWAYS the worst. Even when you know the plan and the plan is awful or the news is bad, somehow it’s still better than not knowing and imagining absolute worst case scenario.

I am utterly AMAZED we got in this quickly. I was sure that I would have to wait until the baby was born to have some of these things looked at. Even if this is just a relatively quick initial consult, at least they should be able to confirm my thoughts about the things that are 99.9% likely to be totally normal.

What this also means is that we will have THREE doctor’s appointments this Friday: dermatologist and plastic surgery check on my skin graft in Lafayette in the morning, and regular OB check up in Boulder in the afternoon. It will be a busy day!

In baby news, I will be 38 weeks tomorrow! Crazy! This means that no matter whose rubric I’m using, I’ll be full-term. Nuts.

Also in baby news, the nursery is progressing nicely. Peter has been assembling furniture things and is currently making bookshelves for the walls to hold all of the INCREDIBLE books we’ve been fortunate enough to receive. I knew we had a fair number of books from wonderful friends, but I didn’t realize how many until Peter put them in the bookshelf he assembled yesterday. Amazing!

But in true fashion for our family, as we were talking about all of the OTHER bookshelves we wanted to install, Peter said “We’ll need to get more books!” That’s my guy πŸ™‚

My absolute dream/goal for our child & future children is for them to have a wonderful library with a range of books they can always go to. When I was growing up, I remember looking through my dad’s old poetry textbooks from college. This was my introduction to poetry in high school and where I really fell in love with it. Just the fact that all of these books, which were not necessarily “children’s” books, were out and available for us to peruse at our leisure was wonderful and had a great deal to do with my development. Whether or not this is a good thing is up for debate, as it eventually led to me majoring in English writing in college. You, reader, are now the primary benefactor of that education, as I have done precious little else with that training.

In sum:

  • New appointment with derm (yay! Pray for good news from possible biopsies!)
  • Three appointments this Friday, two next Friday (they like Fridays)
  • Baby: still inside, definitely getting huge
  • Baby’s room: progressing
  • Books: we like them

Have a wonderful evening, friends!