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Mom flew back yesterday to care for her other child, the one with two broken wrists and a bionic collarbone. Poor mama. It was amazing to have her here and help with everything, but she will deserve a SERIOUS break after all of this! It was also easier saying goodbye knowing she would be coming back for the planned trip for the baby in just 19 days (the trip, not necessarily the baby).

I also have an appointment with the oncologist now, made for June 17th (for those of you keeping track, due date is June 21st). I let the scheduler know we might have to cancel the appointment if, you know, life intervenes, but I’d rather have an appointment on the books than not.

The good news about this, as my mom pointed out, is that the oncologist reviewed my case and decided I could wait to be seen for a few weeks. This is encouraging news, even though we were all hoping it would be a little sooner. Hopefully baby will stay put long enough to talk to oncology (and the appointment is right next to the hospital, just in case she decides to have very good timing!).

In other good news, I spoke with a lactation consultant from Children’s today (one of the many wonderful things about working there is that they offer lactation consultations to employees!). She looked up interferon in their special reference guide and it looks like there is a good possibility I can still breastfeed! After talking with her, I did a little more googling and it looks like: a) of course we’ll have to see if interferon is recommended; and b) see which kind of interferon I would be taking. It looks like there might be a difference in the evidence for the two kinds I found and I’m not sure which I would be likely to have. Also, there is a LOT more to learn, know and consider before we make any decisions, but it’s good to know that there is at least a *possibility* of this happening, and also to know that I can go back to the lactation consultants for more information once we know more.

Other good news (although less exciting): Mom and I went shopping at Target before she left and now I actually have clothes I can wear! With the warming weather, my growing belly, and then my wounds/scars that I want to avoid putting clothing over, my wardrobe had shrunk to about 3 items I could wear decently. But now I have more than doubled my wardrobe AND can go out in public! Hooray!