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Hello All,

We just returned from the hospital. Shannon is zonked out. Surgery went well, but she was very nauseous from the anesthesia and pain meds.  They removed all of the original melanoma and removed the two closest lymph nodes. They looked clean visually, but we won’t know for sure until next week. They did a fair bit of cutting and removal and took a patch from her collarbone for the graft. Baby was monitored throughout and is doing fine. Shannon has a fair amount of pain from the excision as well as a drain where they cut in for the lymph nodes. We’re hoping Tylenol will be enough since the Vicodin tends to bring on additional nausea. My sense is that she will need this week to recuperate. We go back for the follow-up next Tuesday. I’m sure she would appreciate your thoughts and positive messages for recovery. She’s looking forward to seeing many of you at the shower this coming weekend. Maybe an interesting hat would be nice to hide the sutures. Gretchen (Shannon’s mom) is here this week to help her recover as well…

Thanks for all your thoughts and support.